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Gateway Ministries is a Christian  organisation which is concerned with the  wellbeing of individuals. We believe individuals are unique and are made in the image of the Creator, God and it is His desire for all of us to be in good health.   Since human beings were made as a multi-dimension being, it seems fitting to say that our Creator, God, desires us to experience good health: emotionally,  physically and spiritually.

Furthermore, there are unseen life challenges, events and circumstances such as  losses, bereavement, and family separation  that may arise and throw us off guard.  At times, these unseen events may have a negative impact on our emotional, physical, spiritual and social lives.  Consequently, psychological issues such as anger, anxiety, depression and stress create difficulties, to the point that we are unable to cope effectively, hence the need to seek for help.

You can probably identify with individuals who are experiencing emotional difficulties, but are telling themselves that they will ask for help one of these days. But as the time draws closer, your heartbeat increases and you have butterflies feeling in your stomach. You know how difficult it can be to actually pick up that phone and make the appointment to seek help.  Having the courage and the boldness to take the first step is the beginning of your freedom and you alone has the power to begin to set yourself free.

Are you feeling anxious and hopeless and life seems to have no meaning or purpose? Perhaps you are stuck and feeling frustrated.  How long  have you been  expressing your feelings to someone on a deeper level?

Well, we at Gateway Ministries, can help you find your way out of these difficulties by giving you the support you need. We seek to be patient, non-judgemental, warm and trustworthy.



It is our desire to assist individuals in experiencing a time of freedom and emotional wellness; empower individuals with life skills to manage  their own lives effectively in order to life meaningful lives and to fulfil their purpose in life.

To accomplish this mission, we seek to focus on the 4Ps.

To Protect, Preserve, Promote and Practise the good health of the people in our community who have suffered losses, bereavement, separation, emotional imbalance in their relationship or spiritual immaturity.  We offer the services through the provision of counselling; educational programmes such as seminars and workshops for the people in the Sheffield community and across the  country.

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