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We infused this potent shampoo with rare Chinese herbs used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine to help stimulate the scalp and promote healthy, thicker-looking hair. Our proprietary Chinese herbs feature an efficacious mix of ingredients to help remove hair follicle-blocking sebum and inhibit DHT buildup, a hormone which slows hair growth and may cause premature hair loss. Exotic oils and botanicals soothe itching and flakiness while providing antioxidant protection.

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  • Encourages healthy hair growth for thicker, fuller-looking hair.
  • Apple Stem Cells, Baicapil, Biotin, and Chinese Herbs help stimulate the scalp.
  • Inhibits DHT build-up – a cause of premature hair loss.
  • Dissolves oil and debris that clog hair follicles.

Features and Benefits

  • 100% vegan.
  • Sulfate-free
  • Paraben-free


Use a small amount on damp hair and scalp, work into a rich lather. Massage lightly for 1-2 minutes, rinse thoroughly. Follow with the Hair Solutions Energizing Conditioner. For maximum benefits, use entire Hair Solutions Energizing System.

When first beginning to use the Hair Solutions System to grow and strengthen hair, use the Energizing Shampoo and Conditioner in the morning every time you shower. Every night, or every other night, apply the Energizing Scalp Serum to affected areas of the scalp one half hour before going to bed.

A more detailed step-by-step explanation of how to use the system follows:

Step 1: In the morning, use the Energizing Shampoo to stimulate scalp and promote healthy hair growth. Rinse hair.

Step 2: Apply a generous amount of the Energizing Conditioner to help condition and hydrate hair. Rinse out thoroughly.

Step 3: In the evening, one half hour before going to bed, apply the Energizing Scalp Serum to dry hair and scalp. There is no need to wash hair before applying the serum at night. Apply 2 to 3 drops in areas of thinning or hair loss, then massage gently into the scalp.


*Normal, healthy hair grows on average of ½ inch per month. Most people who use the Hair Solutions System begin to see results after 2-3 months of consistent use.

*Shedding is normal. Some may experience shedding for the first few weeks of using the Hair Solutions System. This is normal and necessary. The shedding is caused by weak, damaged hair being released from their hair follicles to make room for new, healthier hair.

*Healthy hair takes maintenance. Once your hair has reached its full potential, continue to use the Energizing Shampoo & Conditioner every time you wash your hair, and use the Scalp Serum at least 3 times per week to maintain healthy hair.


  1. 5 out of 5

    I have been using Peter Lamas products for many years. Yes i have strayed several times, but i always come back to this shampoo. It simply does what it says. It helps with excessive shedding, increases the shine of your hair and the manageability it provides is off the charts. Kudos to you Mr. Lamas for making such an incredible product and for caring about not using unnecessary chemicals to get the job done. Felica

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